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We are a team of 5 people who come from different backgrounds:
From cultural and creative industries to politics and social sciences.
Many of us live in Gaarden or know the district and the city of Kiel well through other projects.

Wolfgang Schulz

Initiator and
Project leader at
Smart Gaarden

Why are you doing Smart Gaarden?
“I believe that we can only successfully implement a digital transformation if income and socially disadvantaged people as well as our diverse society are included in a Smart City strategy. Smart Gaarden does exactly that: we actively involve them/these groups of people in the development and implementation process.”

Moritz Schute

Working Student
at Smart Gaarden
(Masterant Migration & DiversiThank you)

Why are you doing Smart Gaarden?
”Many modernisation and digitalisation concepts disregard the individual needs of social minorities. Smart Gaarden, on the other hand, has the self-declared goal of making digitalisation usable for precisely these groups.”

Viola Ketelsen

Strategic Consulting
(Focus: Process moderation and project development)

Why are you doing Smart Gaarden?
“The purpose of digitalisation for us is to enable a lived and interactive connection between the people of Gaarden and Kiel, to give voices to diverse stakeholders and to enable them to shape their city more easily. We do this in a people-oriented and open-ended way - which I think is exactly how effective ideas and infrastructures will emerge."

Anne-Lena Cordts

Strategic Consulting
(Focus: Methods & Design)

Why are you doing Smart Gaarden?
"I see Smart Gaarden as an opportunity to give people in the district new perspectives and positive changes in which they can actively participate."

Nadine Gutbrod

Strategic Consulting
(Concept, Design, Execution of Activities)

Why are you doing Smart Gaarden?
"In order to see, think and act in the public space again and again in a new way in times of growing diversity, the focus of the project for me is on collecting and making visible multiple realities and perceptions in and of Gaarden - in the form of questions and in dialogue through artistic methods."

“The trade association Die Gaardener e.V., which was newly founded in 2019, has gladly become a project sponsor and will work closely with the Smart Gaarden initiative. Through this we see a great opportunity to work together – tradespeople and civil organisations – to further develop the district of further develop the district of Gaarden in the area of digital use.”
– says the first chairman Erol Bal.


The Smart Gaarden project asks how digitalisation can promote the participation of Gaarden residents in social life in the city and develops answers together with the people.

Our goal is to test digital, hybrid or analogue solutions and to initiate their development for the Kiel region. Our approach ensures that the resulting digital or analogue solutions are oriented towards the realities of people’s lives and should enable the active participation of special target groups in the long term as part of a smart city strategy.

We define special target groups as low-income and socially disadvantaged people, who are strongly represented in Gaarden.
Often, the reality of their lives is not sufficiently taken into account in overarching strategy processes, for various reasons.

The Smart KielRegion has set itself the goal of developing its strategy in accordance with the new Leipzig Charter and is promoting the Smart Gaarden project as a model project until February 2023.


Within approx. 15 months, we are now working cooperatively on measures that will then be developed at best and will soon connect Gaarden and the KielRegion in a “smart” way.

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